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Jerry's Broken Drill and Tap Removal is a well-established business, having served the industry nationally for over 50 years. We specialize in broken tap removal, seized bolt removal, broken drills removal, broken stud removal, broken spark plug removal and more. Oftentimes, attempting bolt removal by drilling it out yourself will result in a broken drill bit or EZ-out stuck within that broken bolt. At Jerry's, we specialize in metal disintegration of all types of broken fasteners.

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Ship your broken parts from anywhere in the United States and have us take care of the problem.
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About Us

Jerry's Broken Drill and Tap Removal has been in operation since 1972, serving businesses and the general public. Our customer base has grown from doing broken bolt, tap, and broken drill removal jobs on the local and national levels. In fact, the reputation we've developed has reached clients internationally, so we've expanded some of our practice to include customers around the world.

We're specialists in Metal Disintegrator Machining (MDM) also known as Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM). The EDM was designed and manufactured specifically for removing broken tools and fasteners, so we offer a range of removal services. Our bolt disintegrator machine extracts virtually any broken bolt, sparkplug, stud, and more. EDM services are fulfilled by our team of experts in Santa Ana, California.

Always looking for new innovations in our field, we've also developed a variety of alternative tools and equipment for removal and repair. Though removal is our main service, we're trusted providers of repair services as well. We perform thread repair using solid thread inserts or HeliCoils™. Other methods of repair are available too, including welding, plugging and machining. Contact us to learn more.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make sure all of our customers are happy with our services and costs.