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Below are pictures of broken parts we have repaired.

Vanagon Case Half

Vanagon Case Half

The broken stud seen in this view is typical in water cooled motors with studs threaded into the water jacket area. The common opinion for this occurrence is the use of improper coolant.

Other motors similar in design are the older 6 cylinder cast iron Jaguar blocks. Again the head studs are installed into the block at the bottom of the water jacket so the same problem occasionally occurs.

With our equipment and experience the removal of the broken studs in these two difficult jobs is done precisely with no damage to original threads.

460 Ford Head


In this picture we have a broken easy out inside a broken bolt on the exhaust side of the head. Broken exhaust bolts and studs are common on all automotive, motorcycle and marine motors and accessories, both in aluminum and cast iron.

Removal of broken bolts or studs like in this picture can be done on or off the vehicle. We depend on several different methods for extraction. Our first choice is the METAL DISINTEGRATOR followed by a variety of alternate conventional tooling and equipment.

Valve Body
valve body

This part has a broken drill 7/l6" in diameter by 24" deep, at a location marked with a yellow arrow. This part weighs approximately 7,000 pounds with a dimension of 3' in diameter by 2'8" thick. This particular job was set up outside the shop using portable equipment and running horizontal. Because of the location and length of the broken drill special set up and tooling was required.


This forging weighed approximately 350 pounds with an overall length of 70". The part had two large diameter holes drilled to depth. The first hole was 3" in diameter by 52" deep. The second hole was 1-1/4" in diameter by 57" deep. At the bottom of the second hole was 4" of a broken 7/16" drill. The 7/16 drill was supposed to break thru a crosshole at 65 inches. After disintegrating the drill we finished drilling the hole thru. Custom tooling was needed for both removal and finish of the 7/16 hole.

Broken Lug Nut Repair
Broken Lug Nut Repair
Broken lug bolts are very common. Over the years we've developed our tooling and procedures for this job in particular. Not only is it important to remove the stud and save the thread but to protect an expensive wheel from damage, cosmetic or otherwise.

Parts & Castings
Parts & Castings
Shown are a variety of parts ranging in size, shape and materials. Some of these parts have broken drills ranging from .040 to .250 in diameter. The majority of the aluminum parts pictured have broken taps in sizes from 0-80 to ¼-20. The broken .040 drill was .760 deep at a 15o angle in aluminum. The diameter and depth of this hole after extraction was undisturbed. Parts here with extremely small taps such as 0-80 and 1.6mm are also extracted successfully without damage to hole or threads.